Soldiers Being Frozen

We at CryoYoga believe in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. And we support our soldiers.  Anyone active duty or veteran will receive a discounted membership ($197 a month for unlimited use of the whole-body cryotherapy chamber).

Here, 2 marines and one active duty army soldier use the whole body cryotherapy to help with training…

Savage Scholar. Introduction.

Podcast (click the photo)–
The Savage Scholar.
Using undomesticated, primitive practices to improve health, clarity of thought, sex, and athletic performance…

Paul Bragg, Miracle of Fasting
Vince Gironda, Unleashing The Wild Physique
Jack LaLanne

Savage Practices that Stimulate Savage Factors
that improve your health (when practiced intelligently)…

1. Cold
2. Hot
3. Lifting Weight…fight
4. Running (or walking)…flight
5. Movement (Range of Motion…Yoga)
6. Meditation (practicing quietness)
7. Hypoxia (low oxygen), Hypercapnia (elevated CO2)
8. Fasting (hunger), Thirst
9. Sex Transmutation
10. Communication (singing, chanting, writing, dancing…literacy in multiple forms)

Whole Body CryoTherapy in Fairhope, AL<–

Research (much more to be covered in the lessons…see below)
*Intermittent living; the use of ancient challenges as a vaccine against the deleterious effects of modern life – A hypothesis

*Effect of whole body cryotherapy interventions on health-related quality of life in fibromyalgia patients: A randomized controlled trial

*Walking as medicine